Print Space NYC

While I am about one million miles away from New York City (approximately 3,500 for those that are  counting), I wanted to make a quick post singing the praises of Print Space, a New York City darkroom and photography space that I miss dearly.  While I can’t speak to the color processing space, I can attest that the B&W rooms are fantastic and I wish that I had a comparable facility over here in Morocco.  Coming from a gang-room approach to print processing, the private rooms with individual sinks and chemistry are a major luxury.  Furthermore, the enlarger heads and lamps are all top-notch.

I recently spent a marathon day at Print Space ripping through approximately seven months worth of contact sheets.  Note to self – don’t let seven month’s worth of negatives build up without printing contact sheets or scanning negatives.  It was a wild stretch of about four hours and by the end I was admittedly losing sight of quality control.

A sample of the day’s work

I urge all photographers and enthusiasts to frequent facilities like Print Space.  When they are gone, we will be left without a cornerstone of the photography community – the community darkroom.  I appreciate online forums though believe that it is easy to get swept up in the minutiae of the process with other forum members and forget about the main goal of the process itself, i.e., making great prints of great images.


  1. ChutneyD

    Post some more photos dude!

    1. Okay! See the post above this one!

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