Where We’re Calling From

Hello again from Morocco!  Life over here is becoming more familiar and we are happy to report that our adjustment to our new home is going well.  We have found great restaurants, fantastic grocery stores and are far too excited about our local ice-cream stand.  Aside from the absurdities of driving and traffic here in Morocco, all is well.

I apologize to our all of our friends and family that have been waiting to see pictures of Morocco.  While I admittedly have not ventured out on a full-blown photography mission, I am happy to share a few photos of our neighborhood in the suburbs of Rabat, the capital of Morocco.

Our neighborhood.

Kids are playing on the street here.  Approximately four blocks from this view, cars are driving over three hundred miles per hour.  V has taken to wearing leather racing gloves and fancy driving shoes…and she is simply riding shotgun.

Our neighborhood.

Note – if the colors look beautiful, it is because sunsets here in Morocco are completely gorgeous.  The transition from afternoon light through sunset and the accompanying “golden hour” is drawn-out and full of some of the most awe-inspiring light that I have ever witnessed.  (And if the colors look “too beautiful”, it may be because I am working on a MacBook Pro and have no way to calibrate the monitor – please wear sunglasses during your next visit.  :))


  1. Elisabeth Vural

    J & V – Huge changes for you but in such an incredibly beautiful setting. Joel, I know that you will capture some amazing images for us all to gaw at and V, I hope that the driving is not too crazy (but after NYC traffic – is anything crazy?)and that the new position is interesting. Keep adding on this – can’t wait to see – love to you both

    1. V is a tough cookie – she is going to own the roads!

      We love you and can’t wait to talk to you and the girls.


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