To my beautiful wife – happy anniversary!

I am taking a brief break from my normal theme in order to wish my beautiful wife a happy anniversary – I love you and am looking forward to many more years together.

The only photo that I made at our wedding – V’s hands adorned in henna.
If you steal this photo, I will unleash the dogs.


  1. apeksha

    you don’t own any dogs.

    1. My neighborhood is full of wild dogs. Don’t test me.

  2. Elisabeth Vural

    Happy One Year to you both and a million more!

    1. Thank you so much! We miss you and the girls dearly!

  3. Hello. Do you do photography work at weddings? Are you familiar with it? Plse contact me at if so. Thanks

    1. I haven’t photographed a wedding for a while. Please feel free to email me at the address found on the “about” page.


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