The surf’s up (again) – return to Bouznika, Morocco.

We recently escaped a particularly hot day here in Rabat by heading off to one of our favorite places, Bouznika, home of the Blue Surf School and Eden Wed restaurant.  We had only been to Bouznika once before (yes, it became a favorite that quickly) and aside from running into our friends Ashleigh and Joe we’d had the beach all to ourselves.

Not so much this time.

All of Rabat had the same idea as we did.

Despite the crazy crowds, we still had a great meal at Eden Wed and made friends with our neighboring tables.  This day was destined to be a great beach day.

Tell me that this isn’t the life! I dare you!

The beach was packed with people young and old.

This young lady was at the beach with her mother and sister. Her sister was off at a surf lesson. The girl from the picture had the right idea – stay in the shade and eat spicy potato chips.
As my three-year-old nephew says, “that’s the stuff”.

The surf club was doing a brisk business, too – rentals were constantly coming in and going right back out.

Here I am breaking my rule barring shooting wide open for the sake of shooting wide open. Oh well.

We made friends with everyone we came across that day – young maniacs diving off of a water processing pipe (just as strange as it sounds), swimmers demanding (!) that I take their portrait and even a chocolate impresario on vacation from Germany.

The only dude that didn’t want to become friends?  Surf dog.

Maybe he had seen it all and didn’t have time for just another one-day friend? Maybe he had loved and been hurt one time too many? Maybe he just didn’t like my face?

Aside from a dog refusing to be my friend, the day was as fantastic as you could hope for.  Bouznika is definitely one of our go-to places when we have a day off and need a break from Rabat.


  1. Marion & Stéphane

    Thank u very much for your comments and your attractive photos ! In very soon to the Eden Wed Food & Beach Club Marion & Stéphane

    1. The Eden Wed is fantastic – I am a big fan! Thanks for coming by.


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