Terror – Live from Hellfest 2003, Syracuse, New York

And now for something completely different –

Vogel doing what Vogel does best.

Well before I started assisting photographers and spending all of my time in the darkroom I pushed my way into photographing as many metal and hardcore bands as possible.  Photography was a fantastic point of entry into hardcore – I had a reason to be there even when I didn’t know anybody and my cameras (and the work that I was producing) opened a lot of doors and started many friendships that I still have to this day.

I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Todd Jones / Terror.

I remember returning from five months in London and having no idea what my next move was going to be. I knew that I was going to return to school, though had difficulty figuring out what I should dedicate myself to in the meantime.  I had worked as one of the producers of Hellfest the past summer and wanted to be involved in a different capacity this time around.  The year that I worked on the festival was when it all changed – we were ambitious and hopeful as we pushed things over the top, and the crowds demanded nothing less as the event grew larger and larger and became unsustainable.  I was pleased to get away from production and back to my bread and butter – photography.

I photographed Despair numerous times.  Buried Alive once or twice, including the Syracuse Fest that evolved into Hellfest.  I even photographed the Slugfest reunion.

Photographing Terror was different.  They were and still are way heavier, the crowd went and still goes crazier for them than anyone else and Vogel is the ultimate hardcore frontman.

These photographs were made early on in Terror’s start.  Todd Jones was still in the band.  Anderson Bradshaw from The Promise / Another Victim came out sang for a song.  I am not sure what their most recent release was, but it may have been Lowest of the Low.

Anderson Bradshaw of The Promise & Another Victim.

All shot on old Kodak junk film with a junk wide angle lens on a fantastic Canon EOS Elan body that still runs perfectly.  How many digital bodies are still kicking nine years later?

Time flies.

Tune in for more old hardcore photography and ramblings.  Thanks.

All photographs created by Joel Dowling.  If you make unauthorized commercial use of my copyrighted images, you hereby agree to a licensing fee of $10,000 per image, per use. I AM A LAWYER.  Do not reproduce these images anywhere without express consent.  Thanks.

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  2. […] friends and I had complete and total access.  More importantly, the music was fantastic.  Terror was awesome and relatively new to the scene.  Converge was fantastic and I made photographs that I loved re-discovering ten years later.  […]

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