Hell(fest) to Pay – Converge live from Hellfest 2003, Syracuse New York

I recently posted some old photos from Terror’s set at Hellfest 2003.  Like the Terror photos, these Converge photos were made on film and scanned by a cruddy mall photo shop a few days after the fest wrapped up.  Uggggh.  Film was incredibly expensive to learn on…and shooting live photography was a costly adventure regardless of how far along the curve the photographer was.

Things have changed.  I walked away from concert photography right when things were getting much easier and cheaper.  I used to hate running home from a shoot, running to the darkroom (or the mall), processing, scanning and submitting film as fast as possible. 

I was (and still am) a huge Converge fan and I was beyond stoked to see them on an outdoor stage during Hellfest.  They ripped it.  They still do.  I am not sure if these photos were ever used for anything aside from Converge’s old website, but I had a fun time cleaning up these old scans.  Hopefully you guys enjoy them too.

Their new album All We Love We Leave Behind just came out and is awesome.  Buy it today.  It shreds.

Ps – I couldn’t resist the title-line pun.  I think that these guys may have a bit of a sense of humor, too…

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  1. […] the music was fantastic.  Terror was awesome and relatively new to the scene.  Converge was fantastic and I made photographs that I loved re-discovering ten years later.  Many of the other bands that played were equally […]

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