This definitely isn’t Wegmans, pt. II – a trip into the medina, Fes, Morocco.

As I mentioned earlier, VR, WFD, JBG and I made a trip up to Fes for a weekend and scheduled a cooking class.  Fatima, our ace cooking instructor, lead us on a fantastic shopping tour of the medina and then brought us back to her kitchen in Batha, a neighborhood within the Fes medina.

The cooking?  Epic.  Fatima was a total pro, prepping about eight dishes and assigning responsibilities to the four of us to insure that the meal was finished all at the same time.  Beyond her incredible organizational skills, I must point out that her cooking, err, our cooking, was absolutely fantastic.  Without a doubt Fatima made the best meal that we’ve had since we arrived in Morocco, no small feat when considering the quality of some of our meals here.

We made a huge spread of food including briouates (small phyllo dough triangles filled with cheese and olives or vegetables), zalouk (roasted eggplant and parsley), spicy okra with tomato sauce, vegetable tagine, chicken tagine with preserved lemon, olives and an onion sauce, and sweet bastilla (no squab in this kitchen!).

The food was…epic.  Totally incredible.  All the more delicious after standing in front of a blast-furnace of a stove  – “hot” is a total understatement, and sauteing onions until well after they break and separate from the oil was a test in front of that forge of a cook-top.

Beyond how delicious the meal was, Fatima was a fantastic teacher and host.  She explained why we did what we did, how to do things the Moroccan / Fatima way and a few tricks along the way.  She was great.

A cooking class is a great idea for any visitor to Morocco.  We highly recommend Fatima and look forward to our next lesson!  Please feel free to ask questions in the comments – we would love to help out!

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  1. Great pics – I was there – it was a gustitory delight – the Riad it was in was well appointed, Fatima was understated and charming and the journey thru the market was a side of Morocco that only could be experienced by living there or having a close friend take you there . And the food as evidenced by Joel’s pictures was complex, varied , and a delight. A wonderful day !

    1. It was a fantastic day – thanks for coming over and cleaning out the medina with us!

  2. The food looks amazing! I’m sure this was a wonderful day!! Photos are lovely as always Joel.

    1. The food was amazing – Fatima is the best! We had a great time.

      Thanks for the kind words!


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