Hopesfall – the Satellite Years, Syracuse, New York, 2002

Back in 2002 / 2003 I went on a tear photographing most of the bands on Trustkill’s roster – 18 Visions, Bleeding Through, Open Hand and Hopesfall. Between cranking out promo photos, photographing shows, school, personal training and working as a bouncer, I was beyond busy and I have no idea whether I could keep up such a hectic schedule now.

I loved the Hopesfall guys. They all had great senses of humor and were totally humble. We made two sets of promo photos that day, the first at Syracuse University and the second – a blatant Salad Days rip off – at my old apartment on Euclid Ave. The SU set came out much better in every way – the photos were made on Tmax 100 120 film on my Hasselblad, a process that required a far more deliberate approach than the other set that was created run and gun on my 35mm Canon Elan. I have always made better photos when I’ve slowed down my process.

I recently came across my negatives and contact sheets from this shoot and the others mentioned above. I’ve never printed the images aside from contact sheets and look forward to seeing the images the way that they need to be seen – silver gelatin prints – as compared to scans.

“Shoot more film” is a cliche until you come across a treasure trove, right? So…um…shoot more film!

note – I know that the film is reversed. Thanks. Snapseed doesn’t have a fix for that problem yet.

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