A quick one from Josh’s house – playing with the new Sigma 35mm 1.4, New Jersey

A recent visit to B&H camera in NYC resulted in me adding a new lens to my kit – the much hyped and eagerly-awaited Sigma 35mm 1.4 in a Canon mount.  The early reviews were all positive and fueled a rough bout of “GAS” (gear acquisition syndrome, for the blessedly ill-informed).  Would it meet the hoopla?  Would I dump all of my Canon glass and go Sigma all-in?  I bought the lens a few weeks ago and have been playing with it since.

While visiting my friend Josh / Bullet Tooth / Trustkill (RIP), I saw an opportunity to make a few quick images with the new lens.  Josh is a collector of toys / stuff / evil clowns and has his collectibles spread over his office.

Jar Jar Binks sits guard over one of Josh Grabelle's many shelves of treasures.

Jar Jar made for a much better photographic subject than provider of comic relief in Episode I – it was Episode I, right?

I am pleased with the Sigma 35mm 1.4’s performance – the shots where I nailed focus (nothing to sneeze when photographing in a dark office with no windows) are crisp.  The few portraits that I made elsewhere are equally sharp.  One review mentioned distracting bokeh, though I have yet to see it.  Maybe if I go looking for it I can find it, though I would rather spend my time making images that I enjoy than reducing my free time to clinical analysis of a lens’ out of focus performance.

“Out of focus performance”.  Sounds fun to me!  (Insert sarcasm)

I will post more images made with the new lens shortly.

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