Tagines ready to be fired – Fes, Morocco. 2012.

Fes_TagineThere’s a forge in the outskirts of the Fes medina  that produces most of the ceramic bowls, tiles and tables found throughout the markets and souks of Fes and beyond.  The forge is incredible in that the production process is demonstrated from start to finish, from the drying of the raw clay to the arrangement of hand-cut zellij tiles on ornate tables.

If you’re heading to Fes, ask a knowledgeable riad owner for directions to the forge – they’ll know what you’re talking about.  Make sure that your hired car waits for you and avoid buying anything that seems too expensive…because it surely is.  Everything at the forge is considerably more expensive than the same products found in the Fes medina.  Tune in later for a line on a fantastic shop in Fes to purchase ceramics.

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