Guarab in the medina pt.II – Marrakech, Morocco.

As repeat visitors to this site probably know, I am a fan of street performers, animal tamers, story tellers, etc., and that I have a certain fondness for guarabs, the traditional water salesmen found in medinas across Morocco.  Jemma el fnaa in Marrakech?  Guarab paradise.  Guarabs carry containers of water and are happy to pour off a cup for the equivalent of about a nickel.

These men – I have never come across a female guarab – represent an interesting element of Moroccan culture, as their primary job has been displaced by access to clean running water and the prevalence of bottled water and soda across the country.

A guarab in Jemaa el Fnaa, Marrakech, Morocco.
A guarab in Jemaa el Fnaa, Marrakech, Morocco.

That being said, they’re a heck of a lot of fun.

Most of the guarabs that I have met have been friendly and receptive to having their photographs taken for a modest tip.  I’ve attempted to joke with many of them, and despite our language differences we both usually end up laughing.

I have focused much of my attention on photographing imagery that is classically “Moroccan” and am eager to expand beyond this subject matter.  This country isn’t just street performers and ceramics, and I would hate for any of my visitors to imagine that there isn’t life in the Magreb beyond what I have documented.  The youth culture here is vibrant and I look forward to photographing and sharing more diverse images with you soon.

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