My new photo assistant, Rosie, says “hello” – Rabat, Morocco

Rosie 001
A quick snapshot of Rosie the Wonder-Dog, our new puppy / furry maniac friend.

We haven’t fallen off of the face of the earth or entered witness protection – Rosie, our lovely new puppy, recently moved in with us!  Rosie, a fantastic little Atlas Shepherd / local melange, has been with us for the past month and has settled in well.  While she is a fantastic photographic subject (and is learning how to stay on her mark and not lick the lens), she has quite a bit to learn about being a photographer’s assistant – all that she wants to do is roll around on her back, play with her tennis ball and go on one thousand walks a day.

She’ll learn, right?  🙂

Ps – it’s hard to take a bad picture of a cute puppy, right?

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