They can’t all be posts about kittens and puppies – the Pavillon Sully, Louvre Palace, Paris, France

Louvre 001
The Pavillon Sully, Louvre Palace. Paris, France.

V – the magnificent travel planner of our team – recently planned a trip to France that started with a drive through Burgundy, errr., Bourgougne and Dijon and finished with a few beautiful days in Paris.  In short, the trip was absolutely fantastic and left us scratching our heads wondering how we could move to Le Marais.

Yeah –  it was that good.

I have asked V to write up an entry for our time in Burgundy and Paris and am looking forward to sharing it with you soon.  She may be motivated to write the entry even quicker if coerced with salted caramels, salted butter and, you guessed it, smoked salt.

Above is a picture of the Pavillon Sully at the Louvre Palace.  The French get the whole “photography” thing and know how to light a monument well.  V and I raced from a fantastic meal at Verjus (try to make it to the sandwich bar) and made it to the Louvre in time for the blue hour.  The view captured above is almost due west, so the sky looks much darker than most of the other photographs that I made that night.  I am looking forward to sharing more of the night’s photographs with you readers.

More to come…

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  1. apeksha

    for your next road trip (once you’re back) to Philly….

    1. That looks great!

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