Here, everything is good pt. II – Tarifa, Spain

joeldowlingphotography_tarifa 008
A view of Tarifa’s old town. The church, illuminated by both artificial light and the rising sun, sits on the Southern tip of Spain. The lights and mountains in the background are in Morocco.  The ferry runs passengers back and forth across the shipping lanes from Tangier to Tarifa.

V and I recently loaded the Wagon Queen Family Truxter up and headed off to Spain with my family.  We once again based our adventure out of Tarifa, though this time we actually made it out-of-town and managed to explore a bit of Southern Spain.

It was beautiful.

I made fewer goals (though not necessarily lesser ones) and focused on time with my family.  I attempted to bridge the gap between feeling the need to constantly make pictures and my desire to experience more and give myself over to the moment.

I also carried less photographic junk than normal.

In short, it was great.  I made less photographs than normal, though the ones that I made satisfy me.  I had the opportunity to explore the direction in which I would like my photography to develop and still balanced my time with life.

Go get lost.  Figure it out for yourself.  Carry less stuff.  Carry more stuff.  Whatever.  Just get out of the house and do something.

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  1. You and your weird movie references…
    Beautiful shot.

    1. Thanks for the kind words and the absurd comment (weird movie references? WEIRD movie? Try “classic”!).

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