Buddy Guy Closes Fes Festival With The Blues And Wicked Humour – Sacred Music Festival, Fes, Morocco


Buddy Guy, a blues legend of the ilk of BB King, John Lee Hooker and Muddy Waters, who has influenced great blues-rock musicians such as Eric Clapton and Jimmy Page, strolled nonchalantly on stage in a black and white polka dot shirt, with dots as in your face as the whomping bass line that accompanied his entrance.

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  1. jaredflynn

    Awesome shot! Quite jealous.

    1. You should have been there!

  2. Incredible energy. Wowed the audience, all of whom were really tuned into him after the first few riffs. Walked into the crowd playing and singing at one point !
    Great photo !!

    1. He’s a legend! A true riff machine and a fantastic performer.

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