Madball, Syracuse, New York. 2002.

Mad ball at Club Tundra, Syracuse, New York. 2002. Joel Dowling All rights reserved.
Madball at Bridge Street Music Hall, Syracuse, New York. 12/2002. Joel Dowling All rights reserved.

Growing up in the Syracuse hardcore scene, Madball was one of my favorite bands that I had no immediate connection to.  I never saw them perusing releases at Sound Garden or hanging out at a show.  I certainly never saw them Oliver’s (RIP) or Zopie’s (RIP, too), though it would have been quite the treat to see these no nonsense guys ordering soy-steamers at the vegetarian coffee shop that we all frequented.  My buddy Billy (AKA Hardcore Bill) put me on to them and I was sold.  Earth Crisis’s touring with them and constant endorsements made me love them all that much more.

Years after booking them myself, my friend Matt booked Madball and for reasons still unknown to me asked me what music they would appreciate coming out.  Being New Yorkers, I thought that the guys would probably get a kick out of Tony Bennett playing over the PA before they took the stage.

The kids in the crowd were confused.  The band appeared to enjoy it.

FYI – The venue lasted for only a few more shows and then turned into a showroom for construction equipment or something equally absurd, which was a shame.  The room sounded decent, was huge and had ample parking for buses, a rarity at the time (before the Lost Horizon opened again).  Matt had free reign over the room and it was a joy to work there.

Yet another scan from the archives.  The scanner doesn’t do too well with color negatives, though the image is worth sharing all the same.

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