Doug, the Westcott Barbershop, Syracuse, New York. September, 2015.

I recently had the opportunity to photograph Doug, an old friend of mine, at his fantastic Westcott Barbershop in Syracuse, New York. I took my time setting up and had an opportunity to watch Doug interact with his clients – he’s a natural entertainer, and all of the people who came in – young and old alike – had a laugh and were instantly part of the gang.  I had an absolute blast catching up, making a few portraits, and sharing a couple of lies.

I am looking forward to catching up with Doug and his crew, listening to Thin Lizzy, and making a few more portraits the next time I make it up to Syracuse, New York.  If you are up in Syracuse – or are already a card-carrying member of the Westcott Nation – you owe it to yourself to make it in for a fresh cut and a bull session.

Check out the The Westcott Barbershop website or their Instagram feed.  Tell ’em that we sent you.

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  1. William Dowling

    very nice

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