Michael Bernard Stevenson, Jr., the Urban Shaman, Gaithersburg, Maryland. February, 2016.


Michael Bernard Stevenson, Jr., a.k.a. the Urban Shaman, recently invited me into his studio to collaborate on a portrait session.  Mr. Stevenson, a talented sculptor and a committed activist, is also dedicated to exploring the alter ego mentioned above, which he has been developing for years.  


Mr. Stevenson explained some of the reasoning behind exploring this character and the method for designing and developing the character’s appearance, a truly unique reflection of the artist’s surroundings.  I was especially interested in discussing how the public receives and interacts with Mr. Stevenson’s alter ego and look forward to hearing more tales from his time in character.


Before our portrait session, Mr. Stevenson and I discussed what we hoped to gain from our time together and planned on creating images for both of our needs – Mr. Stevenson was looking for images to use on his website and for promotional purposes, and I was hoping to create a few solid portraits for my portfolio.  We also discussed making portraits that would be suitable for use in relatively formal environments but would still express his individuality and dedication to his craft – i.e., LinkedIn-suitable portraits that would reflect his craft.  We both walked away pleased with the collaboration and are looking forward to working together in the future.


Please check out Mr. Stevenson’s website for examples of his artwork and musings on life, art, and self expression.

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