Portrait session with the Kain Family, Syracuse, New York. July, 2016.


My old friend Ron Kain recently celebrated the birth of his third child, a beautiful little girl, and I eagerly offered / demanded to make a portrait of the baby and her family in their Syracuse, New York home.

Ron and his family were a blast to work with and I am excited with the results of our portrait session.  Working with a newborn is always challenging, though Ron’s daughter was a joy to be around and handled all of the excitement like a pro.

Don’t let this portrait fool you – the session was full of joking, laughing, and big smiles and this portrait is the seemingly “serious” outlier.

I look forward to sharing more from our portrait session soon.  Until then…

Update – click here for a related post.

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  1. […] I mentioned earlier, I recently traveled to Syracuse, New York and made portraits of my friend Ron and his family.  Working with the Kains on their portraits was a […]

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