Portrait session with Rosa, Alexandria, Virginia. October, 2016.


Rosa, a friend of a friend (and now a friend-friend of mine), recently sat for a portrait in my Alexandria, Virginia, studio.  Rosa was admittedly anxious about the process and wasn’t sure that she would be comfortable during the session.  The result?  She knocked it out!

Rosa was absolutely awesome to work with – she settled in to being the center of attention and quickly became as cool as can be in front of the camera.  We discussed the entire process, my motivation, and what to expect from the session prior to ever turning the lights on.  During the sitting, we talked about life, family, kids, and, of course, heavy metal!  I look forward to working with Rosa again in the future.  Thank you for trusting me with your portrait, Rosa!

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  1. Teresa Erroa

    My sister is a beautiful!

    1. And sharp as a tack, too! We had a great time during the portrait sitting.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Lyndsay West

    Such a beautiful soul! I love her!

    1. She’s awesome! I’m a fan!

  3. Go Rosa! I love this girl…a beautiful spirit inside and out!

    1. She was AWESOME to work with!

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