Portrait session with Jared Flynn, New Jersey. October, 2016.


I recently had the honor of making a portrait of Jared Flynn, a fantastic artist and one of my oldest friends, during a trip to New Jersey.  Jared, a painter by trade, posed the classic test for any artist – how do you create a portrait of an artist that lives up to the sitter’s standards?  

Jared and I have been buddies for close to thirty years – really – and I have had the pleasure of making a formal portrait of him only once before.  About fifteen years ago, Jared and his brother Brendon sat for me up at Syracuse University in a far goofier setting – while the set had all the makings of a serious, dramatic portrait, one of the sitters saw fit to hike his shirt up and stick his belly out just prior to the first frame’s exposure.  How do you go back to “serious” after that?

I was honored to make Jared’s portrait and look forward to hearing his take on the process.  I look forward to having him sit for me again in the future, though I don’t want to wait another fifteen years for the opportunity.  Jared has been a fantastic shoulder to lean on as both a friend and as an artist’s mentor and having the opportunity to create his portrait was a real treat.

Until then…
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