Portrait session with Alex Gil, Alexandria, Virginia. April, 2017.

Alex Gil, an incredibly talented architect and designer based in Brooklyn, New York, recently dropped in on my Alexandria, Virginia studio to sit for a portrait.  Alex was familiar with my portraiture and was eager to update his bank of photographs to draw from for promotional work…and to have a few laughs!  I think that our collaboration delivered on both fronts.

I had a great time working with Alex and look forward to future collaborations with him.  He was a joy to work with and showed a real interest in the choices that I made as a photographer and after the shoot while finishing the images.

I also have to give Alex a bit of extra credit – I love – no, LOVE – the fact that he lives out of a Pelican 1510 case while traveling.  How awesome is that?

Thanks, Alex, for trusting me with your portrait!  Let’s make it happen again soon.

Check out Alex’s website for a dose of jaw-dropping excellence – click here to visit Alex’s firm, SPACECUTTER.

More to come…

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