Portrait session with Freaky Franz, Richmond, Virginia. April, 2017.



Franz, bass player for Turnstile, recently sat for a portrait in my mobile studio outside of the United Blood hardcore and punk festival in Richmond, Virginia.  I caught up with Franz early in the day prior to the festival ramping up and he was up for the collaboration.

I am not sure if I told him how many times I have listened to the Move Thru Me EP in the past six months but I am sure that he would have been stoked.  🙂

Thank you, Franz, for trusting me with your portrait!

Here are a few more recent posts from the Uhaul Sessions – please check them out and spread the word.  I appreciate it!

Vinnie Stigma from Agnostic Front

Scott Vogel from Terror / Buried Alive / Despair / Slugfest

Ace from Break Away

Guav from Cabal

Dwid from Integrity

Todd Jones from Nails

Jacky Flav from High Point Barbershop 


Anderson Bradshaw from The Promise / Another Victim / Andy’s Candies

I can’t wait to share more of the portraits from the weekend – please stay tuned in the weeks to come!

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