Joel Dowling. Photo by William Dowling. Somewhere outside of Beijing, 2009.

I am a Washington, D.C., based photographer specializing in portraiture.  I approach photography with a fresh and unique approach and love interacting with my subjects.

I employ a mix of formal portraiture – think big, diffused lights – and a laid-back manner in working with my clients.

I am pleased to offer a professional, timeless product in an approachable, easygoing fashion and I am up for collaboration and open to my subjects’ ideas.

My background

While at Syracuse University, I spent most of my time as an undergraduate working at the school’s internationally known Light Works / Community Darkroom and worked as an assistant to numerous photographers specializing in portraiture.  In my early years as a working photographer, I worked primarily as a freelancer creating photographic content for music magazines, record labels, and bands and have been published around the world.


  1. Joel

    Just spoke with your dad and got onto your website. Great photos and adventures

    1. It’s been a while since we last spoke and it’s great to hear from you.

      Thanks for the kind words. I hope that all is well back in the states.

  2. Thanks for sharing your stories and photos. Just returned (July 1) to US after 5 years in Morocco, teaching Art and Photography to High Schoolers at GWA, (10 minutes South of Casablanca) Tom Relth

    1. Tom –

      Thanks for coming by and leaving the comment – I appreciate it. How did you enjoy your time over here? We are loving it!

      I hope that all is well.


  3. Thanks for sharing your stories and photos. Just returned to USA after 5 years teaching HS Art and Photography at GWA (10 minutes south of Casa). Your photos have some great light. Tom Relth

  4. Joel, I’m thinking about hosting your works here in Vancouver WA. We have a great venue for your works…if you are interested ….I know I know… its the other side of the world. but you have incredible photos of that “other” world that so many do not get that t chance to see. Please write to me directly even if you have mild interest. – Tom

    1. Tom –

      I am flattered that you’d consider it.

      Thank you.

      – Joel

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