Astronaut Santa, Washington, D.C. November, 2015.

I recently photographed “O”, a.k.a. Astronaut Santa (or was it Spaceman Santa?), and his newborn brother at their home in Washington, D.C.  While setting up my lights for a group portrait, O brought out his new astronaut helmet and, of course, we had to make a quick portrait of him wearing it.

Sasha, Alexandria, Virginia. October, 2015.

  I recently had the opportunity to make baby Sasha’s portrait and had a lovely time with her and her family.  Her parents have created an absolutely perfect little girl and I appreciate them trusting me with her portrait. Please “like” us on Facebook.

Here, everything is good pt. II – Tarifa, Spain

V and I recently loaded the Wagon Queen Family Truxter up and headed off to Spain with my family.  We once again based our adventure out of Tarifa, though this time we actually made it out-of-town and managed to explore a bit of Southern Spain. It was beautiful.

My new photo assistant, Rosie, says “hello” – Rabat, Morocco

We haven’t fallen off of the face of the earth or entered witness protection – Rosie, our lovely new puppy, recently moved in with us! 

This definitely isn’t Wegmans, pt. II – a trip into the medina, Fes, Morocco.

As I mentioned earlier, VR, WFD, JBG and I made a trip up to Fes for a weekend and scheduled a cooking class.  Fatima, our ace cooking instructor, lead us on a fantastic shopping tour of the medina and then brought us back to her kitchen in Batha, a neighborhood within the Fes medina. The cooking?  Epic.  Fatima was a total pro, prepping about eight dishes and assigning responsibilities to the four of us to insure that the meal was finished all at the same time.  Beyond her incredible organizational skills, I must point out that her cooking, err, our…

Here, everything is good. – Tarifa, Spain

Note – This past summer V had a fantastic idea (as she so often does) that quickly developed into one of the best road trips that I have ever been on – a drive from Morocco to Spain!  The following entry was written by V – enjoy! The stars were aligning, and not in our favor.  I had previously spent 3 wonderful weeks in Southern Spain in 2002 and I was counting the minutes until I could go back.  Being able to get there, door to door, in 5 hours, is one of the many perks of living in Morocco,…

Everything you’ve heard is true – Paris, France.

I have been making photographs for about eighteen years and have been writing about it – at least for personal reference – for over ten.  I have never had so much difficulty writing about photography as I have with our recent trip to Paris. I am verbose.  I am long winded.  I am a master of the never ending run-on sentence that lawyers love to craft and have a near monopoly on deciphering. Describing Paris in words?  That’s tough.

Where We’re Calling From

Hello again from Morocco!  Life over here is becoming more familiar and we are happy to report that our adjustment to our new home is going well.  We have found great restaurants, fantastic grocery stores and are far too excited about our local ice-cream stand.  Aside from the absurdities of driving and traffic here in Morocco, all is well. I apologize to our all of our friends and family that have been waiting to see pictures of Morocco.  While I admittedly have not ventured out on a full-blown photography mission, I am happy to share a few photos of our…