Everything you’ve heard is true – Paris, France.

I have been making photographs for about eighteen years and have been writing about it – at least for personal reference – for over ten.  I have never had so much difficulty writing about photography as I have with our recent trip to Paris. I am verbose.  I am long winded.  I am a master of the never ending run-on sentence that lawyers love to craft and have a near monopoly on deciphering. Describing Paris in words?  That’s tough.

Where We’re Calling From

Hello again from Morocco!  Life over here is becoming more familiar and we are happy to report that our adjustment to our new home is going well.  We have found great restaurants, fantastic grocery stores and are far too excited about our local ice-cream stand.  Aside from the absurdities of driving and traffic here in Morocco, all is well. I apologize to our all of our friends and family that have been waiting to see pictures of Morocco.  While I admittedly have not ventured out on a full-blown photography mission, I am happy to share a few photos of our…