Portrait session with Andrew, Syracuse, New York. September, 2017.

  Andrew recently visited a temporary studio space of mine in Syracuse, New York, and sat for a portrait and long chat on art, family and adventure – all of the good stuff.  Meeting and collaborating with Andrew was great and I look forward to collaborating with him in the future.

Portrait session with Matt, Syracuse, New York. September, 2017.

  Matt recently visited a temporary studio space of mine in Syracuse, New York, and sat for a portrait.  Meeting and collaborating with Matt was a blast – we had a handful of interesting stories to share and the time flew by.  I look forward to collaborating with Matt on future projects and appreciate his time.

Portrait session with Tom Damiano, Richmond, Virginia. April, 2017.

Tom Damiano – singer of Syracuse’s Trail of Lies, bass player for Richmond’s Naysayer and slinger of the best stainless steel pour-over coffee filter that I have ever used – sat for a portrait in my mobile studio outside of the United Blood hardcore and punk festival in Richmond, Virginia.  I have known Tom for years and it took little nagging to get him into the studio. Tom was busy during the fest – both of his bands played excellent sets.  It was awesome to walk into the venue and see an old buddy positively ripping it up.  Tom is…

Portrait session with Brian, Syracuse, New York. July, 2017.

  Brian, an old friend of mine from Syracuse, New York, recently sat for a portrait in an impromptu studio and brought along his Odd Fellows gear – what a treat!  I had a great time catching up with and collaborating with Brian and loved to hear of each item’s significance.  I look forward to collaborating with Brian in the future.

Portrait session with “King” Ron Kain, Syracuse, New York. July, 2016.

I always love an opportunity to catch up with an old friend and jumped at the chance to see my pal Ron and make his portrait – we don’t cross paths as often as I would like, and a moment of downtime allowed for the two of us to catch up and share some stories.  The hour felt like minutes and I am looking forward to our next visit – I hope that we can break our habit of catching up only once per year.  

Portrait session with the Kain Family, Syracuse, New York. Part II. July, 2016.

As I mentioned earlier, I recently traveled to Syracuse, New York and made portraits of my friend Ron and his family.  Working with the Kains on their portraits was a treat!

Portrait session with the Kain Family, Syracuse, New York. July, 2016.

My old friend Ron Kain recently celebrated the birth of his third child, a beautiful little girl, and I eagerly offered / demanded to make a portrait of the baby and her family in their Syracuse, New York home.

Portrait session with Helanah, Syracuse, New York. April, 2016.

Helanah and I recently collaborated on a portrait session in an ad hoc – errr, cough cough – garage studio during a visit to Syracuse, New York.  Despite the space being cramped (and the ceiling being comically low), Helanah was a trooper and her patience and poise are reflections of her professionalism.

Portrait session with D.J. Rose, Syracuse, New York. March, 2016.

I recently caught up with DJ Rose, an old friend and one of the owners of Syracuse’s Halo Tattoos (and one of the creative forces driving the Path of Resistance, a now legendary hardcore group), for a portrait sitting and a long overdue conversation about life, marriage, fatherhood, and a million other topics ranging from the trivial and outrageous to the serious and heartbreaking.  Collaborating with DJ was a treat and I look forward to handing him a boxed set of prints the next time that I see him.

Crown of Thornz, Syracuse, New York. 1997.

As I have discussed earlier (most recently here and here), music has been a major part of my life for as long as I can remember.  In the late nineties, I even booked a few shows, though that’s a story for another day.  Crown of Thornz – pictured here performing at Syracuse’s once fantastic Hungry Charley’s – was one of my favorite bands and it was only natural to book them on a show with other acts that I loved and counted as friends.  Crown of Thornz shared a bill that day with Earth Crisis, Madball, Merauder, 25 Ta Life, and Libertine*.  In…

Doug, the Westcott Barbershop, Syracuse, New York. September, 2015.

I recently had the opportunity to photograph Doug, an old friend of mine, at his fantastic Westcott Barbershop in Syracuse, New York. I took my time setting up and had an opportunity to watch Doug interact with his clients – he’s a natural entertainer, and all of the people who came in – young and old alike – had a laugh and were instantly part of the gang.  I had an absolute blast catching up, making a few portraits, and sharing a couple of lies.