Portrait session with John, Alexandria, Virginia. January, 2017.

John, a photographer here in DC, recently stopped by to sit for a portrait in my Alexandria, Virginia studio.  John brought an abundance of energy and a certain thoughtfulness to the portrait sitting – he had interesting points of view and, when I expressed the difficulty that I have with overthinking the artistic process, he nodded in solidarity and grinned while describing his approach to creating art.

Portrait session with Matt and Boo, Alexandria, Virginia. November, 2016.

I recently had the pleasure of making portraits of Matt and Boo, two hilarious and laid-back models from the DC metropolitan area.  The couple visited my Alexandria, Virginia, studio for a quick portrait session fueled by heavy metal, dirty jokes, and insider-chat on the state of alternative models, an infamous model-meets-photographer website, and creepy guys with cameras.  Fun!

Portrait session with Jared Flynn, New Jersey. October, 2016.

I recently had the honor of making a portrait of Jared Flynn, a fantastic artist and one of my oldest friends, during a trip to New Jersey.  Jared, a painter by trade, posed the classic test for any artist – how do you create a portrait of an artist that lives up to the sitter’s standards?  

Portrait session with Carl Severson, Holmdel, New Jersey. October, 2016.

I recently collaborated with Carl Severson, head honcho at Good Fight Entertainment and an old friend of mine, on a series of portraits while visiting New Jersey.  Carl saw some of my recent portraiture and suggested a collaboration to use for business purposes and, as an artist can only wish for, simply told me to do what I do.  Fantastic, right?  

Sidi Moumen Cultural Center – Casablanca, Morocco

Last month V asked if I would like to join her and a crew of her colleagues in a trip to Casablanca to visit the Sidi Moumen Cultural Center.  I was already familiar with the center and some of the difficulties that kids in the area have faced and jumped at the chance to visit the center.  The cultural center is located within Sidi Moumen, an area once host to seemingly endless expanses of life below the poverty line and rampant crime.  The area gained international notoriety after the 2003 and 2007 terrorist attacks in Casablanca, as poor young men…

Yet another new friend in the medina – Fes, Morocco.

Print Space NYC

While I am about one million miles away from New York City (approximately 3,500 for those that are  counting), I wanted to make a quick post singing the praises of Print Space, a New York City darkroom and photography space that I miss dearly.  While I can’t speak to the color processing space, I can attest that the B&W rooms are fantastic and I wish that I had a comparable facility over here in Morocco.  Coming from a gang-room approach to print processing, the private rooms with individual sinks and chemistry are a major luxury.  Furthermore, the enlarger heads and…