This definitely isn’t Wegmans – a trip into the medina, Fes, Morocco.

V and I recently played hosts to WFD and JBG, two guests yearning for distinctly different experiences in Morocco and with vastly different approaches to travel.  The four of us drove to Fes for a weekend of cooking, shopping and enjoying the craziness of the medina.  WFD and I ran off to the Fes medina during his last visit and ripped through it over the course of a day; we left completely spent with barely enough energy to perform the customary post-mortem on the day’s photographs. V had planned a cooking lesson for the four of us as the center…

Are you man enough for this sandwich? Deep in the medina. Rabat, Morocco.

WFD came through Morocco and – of course –  demanded to eat as much authentic Moroccan food as possible.  Rabat has fantastic restaurants serving up great tagines and brochettes, though after a few days WFD demanded the real thing, the stuff that people eat while they’re on the go – the street / market food. Off to the medina.