Portrait session with David, Alexandria, Virginia. September, 2017.

David, a photographer and figure model that I have come to know over the past year, recently visited my Alexandria, Virginia studio and sat for a portrait.  I have photographed David throughout the past year and have always enjoyed our time together – David has a great sense of humor and I enjoy the time that we spend together.  After our first portrait sitting, David suggested that we collaborate as often as possible in order to document the changes that chemotherapy have made on his body.  Flattery aside, I am still touched by his request.  I look forward to many…

Portrait session with Tiffany, Alexandria, Virginia. September, 2017.

Tiffany recently visited my Alexandria, Virginia studio and sat for a portrait – I am always up for a collaborative portrait sitting, and Tiffany was a great subject to work with.  Aside from bringing a great energy to the portrait sitting, Tiffany was a blast to talk to – it’s not often that I get to talk about music with sitters the way that Tiffany and I were able to.  (A reminder – get on that new Tyler album.)

Portrait session with Francine, Alexandria, Virginia. October, 2016.

Francine, a superstar figure model and veteran of the retail music industry (RIP Tower Records), recently stopped by the studio in Alexandria for a portrait sitting.  Francine and I had conflicting schedules for longer than I would like to admit and it was awesome – awesome! – to finally collaborate with her on a sitting.

Portrait session with Alex Gil, Alexandria, Virginia. April, 2017.

Alex Gil, an incredibly talented architect and designer based in Brooklyn, New York, recently dropped in on my Alexandria, Virginia studio to sit for a portrait.  Alex was familiar with my portraiture and was eager to update his bank of photographs to draw from for promotional work…and to have a few laughs!  I think that our collaboration delivered on both fronts.

Portrait session with Sam, Alexandria, Virginia. January, 2017.

My pal Sam Cohen, a firebrand civil rights attorney practicing in New York City, recently visited and sat for a portrait in my Alexandria, Virginia studio.  The sitting was a real treat – we covered Michael Chabon, suburban living versus the excitement of living in a city, and the tale of my bar mitzvah outside of Katz’s Delicatessen.