The Padrão Descobrimentos – Lisbon, Portugal. 2013

The Padrão Descobrimentos / Monument to the Discoveries is located on the Lisbon waterfront and  across the street from the Jerónimos Monastery.  The monument is beautiful – one must see it to appreciate its form and aesthetic accomplishment.

The tomb of Luís de Camões, Jerónimos Monastery – Lisbon, Portugal. 2013

A tomb housing the mortal remains of Luís de Camões, the Portuguese poet and chronicler of the Age of Discovery, inside of the Jerónimos Monastery in Lisbon, Portugal.  The monastery is located across the street from the Belém Tower and the Padrão dos Descobrimentos. I recently visited Lisbon and was blown away by the beauty of the city and the warmth of its people.  One week was nowhere near enough time to explore the city and I am looking forward to returning soon.

Here, everything is good. – Tarifa, Spain

Note – This past summer V had a fantastic idea (as she so often does) that quickly developed into one of the best road trips that I have ever been on – a drive from Morocco to Spain!  The following entry was written by V – enjoy! The stars were aligning, and not in our favor.  I had previously spent 3 wonderful weeks in Southern Spain in 2002 and I was counting the minutes until I could go back.  Being able to get there, door to door, in 5 hours, is one of the many perks of living in Morocco,…