Portrait session with Todd Jones, Richmond, Virginia. April, 2017.

Todd Jones, frontman / maniac behind Nails and contributor / writer for an endless roster of excellent hardcore and punk bands, sat for a portrait during the marathon “Uhaul Sessions” last month outside of Richmond, Virginia’s United Blood festival.  Todd was a great sitter and delivered a dose of intensity to his time in the studio.

Portrait session with Jacky Flav, Richmond, Virginia. April, 2017.

Jacky Flav, one of the masterminds behind Richmond’s High Point Barbershop, sat for a portrait during the marathon “Uhaul Sessions” outside of the United Blood punk and hardcore festival this past month.  While the sitting was brief, I enjoyed catching up with a new buddy and appreciate him spreading the news about the studio.

Portrait session with Shatty, Richmond, Virginia. April, 2017.

While working out of my mobile studio in Richmond, Virginia my old pal told me that I had to meet his friend Shatice, a.k.a. Shatty, and ask her to sit for a portrait.  Shatty was funny, confident and a great sitter – she was far more relaxed with the experience than most of the weekend’s sitters and her portrait shows it.

Portrait session with Anderson, Richmond, Virginia. April, 2017.

Anderson, a fantastic filmmaker, frontman and an old friend, visited my mobile studio in Richmond, Virginia and sat for a series of portraits.  The mobile studio – set up outside of the United Blood punk and hardcore music festival – was just getting ready for sitters when Anderson walked by.  I delighted in grabbing him and guilting him into sitting for me.

Portrait session with Tad, Richmond, Virginia. April, 2017.

Tad, a buddy from DC, recently sat for a portrait in my mobile studio outside of the United Blood hardcore and punk rock festival in Richmond, Virginia.  Tad is a great tattoo artist at Georgetown’s Jinx Proof and plays in D.C. Disorder, who performed at the fest and were excellent.

Portrait session with Helanah, Syracuse, New York. April, 2016.

Helanah and I recently collaborated on a portrait session in an ad hoc – errr, cough cough – garage studio during a visit to Syracuse, New York.  Despite the space being cramped (and the ceiling being comically low), Helanah was a trooper and her patience and poise are reflections of her professionalism.

Gurpreet Sarin, Alexandria, Virginia. March, 2016.

Gurpreet Sarin, a fantastically skilled singer and budding model, recently visited my photography studio in order to collaborate on a series of portraits.  Gurpreet, a veteran of the television show American Idol (here, too), was hoping to create portraits that would work in his modeling portfolio as well as for personal usage such as sharing with family.  What a guy!