Portrait session with Scott Vogel, Richmond, Virginia. April, 2017.

Scott Vogel – frontman of Terror and World Be Free – sat for his portrait during the marathon “Uhaul Sessions” this past April outside of Richmond’s United Blood hardcore and punk festival.  I have known Scott for about twenty years now (wait – woah!) and it was an honor to make his portrait.  I have been a fan of Scott’s bands for two decades – I think that I even booked Despair once – and it was a real kick to make his portrait.  Thank you, Scott, for trusting me with your portrait!

Terror – Live from Hellfest 2003, Syracuse, New York

And now for something completely different – Well before I started assisting photographers and spending all of my time in the darkroom I pushed my way into photographing as many metal and hardcore bands as possible.  Photography was a fantastic point of entry into hardcore – I had a reason to be there even when I didn’t know anybody and my cameras (and the work that I was producing) opened a lot of doors and started many friendships that I still have to this day. I wouldn’t trade it for the world.