Street performers in the Kasbah des Udayas, Rabat, Morocco.

While walking through the Rabat kasbah I came across two of my favorite street performers / musicians.  They aren’t as flashy as their counterparts in Fes who all appear to be either dipped in gold or brandishing as many instruments as possible, nor are they as numerous as the groups that populate Jemma el-Fnaa in Marrakesh.

Chellah – Rabat, Morocco / Hooked in Necropolis, Addict of Metropolis

Moving to Morocco has provided me with an incredible opportunity to approach photography from a new angle.  I have travelled throughout China, Hong Kong, India and Central America lugging multiple flavors of medium format gear and film, though I have never had a chance to set up shop and get comfortable with my surroundings.  In the past it has always been a rush from city to city with very little time to react to challenges and new vantage points – if I was interested in creating an image, time was of the essence as I may not see that place…